A Peaceable Man 

Welcome, inner warriors.

Peaceable Man is a blog about peaceful living, told from a man’s perspective. Years ago, when I was deep in the pit of clinical depression, I longed to hear from other men–particularly men like me who were holding down highly stressful corporate jobs and supporting their families–about how they were keeping up with their responsibilities on the job and at home while waging daily war against the black beast of depression and anxiety.

I wanted to know there were other men out there who were fighting this war. I wanted to read their stories; glean their knowledge and insights; hear how they were coping; be inspired by their struggles and victories.

To my distress, I found precious little in the blogosphere to help me. While there are plenty of female voices out there on topics of mental health and self-growth, there are few such resources written by, for, and about men. The fact is, men face our own toxic mix of psychic and societal pressures in today’s society. Much of that we bring on ourselves with the unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves and our tendency to keep our feelings bottled up inside like demons unfit for viewing. Add to that cauldron the pressures of fatherhood and today’s 24/7 workplace, and is it any wonder that four times as many men take their lives as women?  


Peaceable Man is a small step toward filling that void. Here I share what worked for me, and what didn’t, in my past battles with the beast, in the hope that my experiences will spare you some of the agony I went through. I also share random musings about family and fatherhood, the simple joys of life and nature, the healing power of gratitude, and the power of the media and subliminal marketing messages in taking us off track to peace.

Ultimately, depression is a journey into the self. It’s a journey through hell, but also one that can open up incredible vistas into the self and lets us tap into a deep wellspring of empathy for others who are also suffering. Men bring a special set of strengths to this journey—our courage, our determination, our enterprising and valiant spirit. It’s time we hear more about those male strengths, and celebrate them, in our collective battle against the growing scourge of trauma and mental illness.

Note: You will find no ads or divisive messages here. I intend this site to be a community of like-minded inner warriors who are committed to breaking through stigmas and helping others. Mainly the message I want to deliver is that you’re not alone. No matter how hopeless you feel, there’s hope. If there was for me, there is for you too.

I hope this site is helpful to you in your journey to peace and adds something, however modest, to the greater peace of our world.